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Kiev is the capital and largest city of Ukraine It is situated high on a hill overlooking the Dnieper River which divides the city into two parts: the left and right bank. The right bank is steep and high hills, and left completely flat areas with deciduous trees.

Kiev is a cultural, political, socio-economic, transport, scientific and religious center of the country. Located in the north central part of Ukraine. Kiev – the seventh most populous city in Europe, after Istanbul, Moscow, London, St. Petersburg, Berlin and Madrid.

Kiev is one of the greenest cities in Europe with the large number of trees and parks. About half the area of the city – is ponds, green areas and parks. Kiev area is 827 square kilometers, the length of the city along the Dnieper River – more than 20 kilometers.

The population of Kiev is more than 4 million people.

Weather condition – moderately continental climate.

There are the following facilities in Kiev:

  • 68 museums;
  • 60 parks (approximately);
  • 70 scientific organizations;
  • 100 universities and institutes;
  • 2 items of UNESCO World Heritage List are located.

Among local nationals Kiev is commonly known as “the Mother of Cities” because of it’s ancient history as one of the oldest cities in Europe. You can see the spirit of the past everywhere in Kiev. Kiev is basically distinguished for its rich and vast cultural and historical life.

There are some invaluable and historical cultural monuments in Kiev, which attract a lot of number of people from all around the world for visits. It is also known as a city of outstanding people because of the great events being organized and celebrated at Kiev, each year. The architecture, arts and sculptures of Ukraine are remarkable and generally are considered as World treasures among tourists and viewers.

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