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Kiev National Medical University n.a. O.O. Bogomolets, offers a wide range of courses for students to study medicine. International students from all over the world may apply to study medicine and receive medical degree in Europe. After completion of the course the students obtain degree of MBBS/ MD (Physician). Kiev National Medical University n.a. O.O. Bogomolets offers MBBS course for international students in English medium and Russian Medium. Duration of the course – 6 years.

The Course of Medicine (MBBS Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) will train international students to become professional, compassionate doctors.

Admission to the medical course is completed after signing a contract. Senior students attend their clinical studies where they can gain experience in nursing the patients. Clinical subjects are taught beginning from the 3rd year of study. All six years of the program are important and all must be passed successfully before students are permitted to graduate.
Curriculum of Medical course is approved by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Public Health, Ukraine. Kiev National Medical University n.a. O.O. Bogomolets degree is accepted internationally in different countries worldwide.

The program emphasizes continuity of care. You’ll enjoy early patient contact from the 1st year and follow ‘your’ patients along primary and secondary care pathways on clinical placements in 3rd to 6th years. The program is delivered by the University and teaching is provided by expert staff, preparing you for a rewarding career practicing medicine.
During six years of study students learn different subjects from fundamental subjects disciplines to special medical subjects.

Medicine is the science and art of healing. It encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness.
Contemporary medicine applies health science, biomedical research, and medical technology to diagnose and treat injury and disease, typically through medication, surgery, or some other form of therapy. The word medicine is derived from the Latin “ars medicina”, meaning the art of healing.

This is an exciting time in medicine as we look forward to developing new avenues in health care excellence. The practice of medicine remains one of the most satisfying of all professions and we believe that the Kiev National Medical University n.a. O.O. Bogomolets is an ideal place to earn your medical education in Europe. Students can get the best medical education in Kiev National Medical University n.a. O.O. Bogomolets.

We believe students are enrolling in Kiev National Medical University n.a. O.O. Bogomolets for the right reasons – they want to provide care for people and they feel that they can make a progress in their communities being physicians with European Medical Degree. For that reason, we have great faith that health care delivery in our nation has a bright future.
Kiev National Medical University n.a. O.O. Bogomolets is known worldwide for its many innovative teaching, clinical training and research programs. Our award-winning faculty members constantly strive for innovation and excellence in lecture halls, laboratories and clinics.

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