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Practical Training

Practical training is important component in teaching of doctors and pharmacists.

The knowledge and skills, gained while studies at clinical and theoretical departments, are consolidated by the students during practical training. Practical training are based on the ground of numerous medical preventive establishments in the city of Kiev, Dentistry medical center at O.O. Bogomolets National medical University, 10 sanitary epidemic stations, 4 pharmaceutical plants, 7 pharmaceutical unions with tens of pharmacy stocks. Annually around five thousands students go through the practical raining. The practice is held by more than 280 health care specialists and experienced teachers of the University, with the highest medical category.

International students from 47 different countries do practical training as well. The qualified academic staff of the University speaks English fluently and consequently knows the medical terminology in English. The teachers are also assigned to manage the practical training of international students in English medium.

Annual practical training beginning from the first year allows students to gain skills and practice before employment, which enables them to orient in clinical situations; to make the correct diagnosis; to prescribe the treatment; to render the first aid; to make the medicines due to the individual prescription; to get knowledge of clinical pharmacy, chemist’s and industrial technology for production of drugs. The practical training helps students to adapt to the future working place, impart practical skills in the collective, performance of rules and ethics and deontology.

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