National Medical University

О.О. Bogomolets

University Today

  • One of European’s most highly ranked medical universities;
  • Diversity and expansion – education and research in 12 Medical Courses;
  • Variety of undergraduate and Post graduate medical courses;
  • Student Exchange and Research Collaboration with European medical universities in Mainland Europe;
  • Excellence in experience of training world class doctors;
  • Regular monitoring of educational process and individual approach to each student;
  • Medical technologies of highest standards, purpose-designed, modern, interdisciplinary campus facilities;
  • European education standards of student life with great cultural offerings and various festivities;
  • International Co-Operation – Kiev National Medical University n.a. O.O. Bogomolets is the only Ukrainian Medical University, cooperating with numerous European universities;
  • Leading medical educational establishment among higher medical schools in Ukraine on academic and methodical work and improvement of qualification for scientific and teaching staff at higher medical schools of Ukraine of IV accreditation level;
  • Basic higher medical school on implementation of Bologna declaration’s principles into the reforming system of medical education in Ukraine;
  • 12 Courses, 7 institutes and centers, 78 departments, 30 divisions and laboratories;
  • 1,200 scientists and teachers, among which: 137 professors, 188 doctors of sciences, 341 assistant professors and 719 candidates of sciences;
  • Over 200 academicians and corresponding members of NAS, AMS, APS of Ukraine, laureates of State Prize of Ukraine, honorary workers of science and technology, workers of education and doctors, as well as inventors of Ukraine;
  • 10 specialized scientific councils on defense of DPhil and Ph.D theses due to 21 scientific specialty;
  • Every year the university receives over 200 patents on inventions, holds approximately 60 scientific forums, publishes over 50 scientific monographs, 30 scientific magazines and collections of scientific works;
  • Over 13,000 students, doctors-interns, masters, residents, post-graduates and persons, working for doctor’s degree, among which about 1,200 foreign citizens;
  • The graduates from the University work in each fourth country in the world;
  • English speaking department, which is called Kiev medical Harvard, Ukrainian Medical Lyceum;
  • 43 agreements with the international and foreign organizations and institutions, co-founder of Interuniversity center of science and cooperation in countries in South and South-Eastern Europe, East European chain of universities, participant in 27 educational and 49 scientific international projects;
  • Partner in EU program “Erasmus Mundus” to provide with mobility of students and teachers, together with Caroline institute (Sweden) it implements the academic and scientific program on training of young scientists;
  • University actively cooperates with WHO and ERB WHO;
  • Scientific library with the stock of over 700 thousand volumes, 26 internet classes, approximately 1 200 computers in academic process;
  • Dentistry medical center – one of the most powerful centers in Europe, designed for 300 chairs. Every year over 290 thousand visitors attend the center;
  • 137 clinical bases, where approximately 200,000 patients are treated every year, over 12 thousand. childbirths are taken and up to 60 thousand. operative interferences are made;
  • 8 academic buildings, lecture halls for 2.8 thousand places, Ukrainian training center of family medicine, 26 computer rooms;
  • 7 hostels. 12 students’ canteens and cafeterias, sport complex, sanatorium-preventorium per 75 places and recreation center in Konch-Zaspa per 407 places;
  • The construction of the new twenty six storeyed academic laboratorial building and elite hostels was started in 2006;
  • 22 amateur talent groups, among which 5 have the status of People’s ones;
  • 9 sport clubs;
  • Famous sportsmen, champions of Europe and World, winners of all-Ukrainian and International Olympiads and contests study at the University;
  • The students’ self-government and students’ scientific societies;
  • The University ranks the first among higher medical schools of IV accreditation level and the fourth among higher schools of Ukraine by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;
  • Honorary title “Laureate of Contest in Nominations “Integration of Education of Ukraine into European Community” and “Innovations in Implementation of Information Communication Technologies into Educational Practice”;
  • The university is awarded with the Golden medals at International exhibition “Modern Education in Ukraine” in different nominations;
  • Since September 2011 – the University is a member of Magna Charta Universitatum, (The Great Charter of the Universities).

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